4 reasons to promote with custom metal straw

It is no surprise that consumers are becoming more aware of what they choose and use; therefore, they are advocating for an alternative to plastic straws and bamboo tote bags. Metal straws make the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, and they are considered safer for the environment in comparison to its counterpart.

The constant use of plastic straws poses a risk to the environment, and its non-biodegradable properties make it immune to decomposition in a landfill. Majorities of the consumers are demanding for sustainable metal straws to replace their plastic straws; therefore, if you are considering using promotional products to advertise your business then, you should choose custom metals straws for the following reasons:


Banning the use of plastic straws has earned the appreciation of people in all sectors, and they are urging brands to come forward with similar biodegradable products. Loyal customers are expecting their brands to introduce eco-friendly promotional products for their brand; therefore, if the core values of your business are centred on ensuring the benefit of the environment then, metal straws would make the perfect way appease your consumers.

Brand loyalty

Investing in eco-friendly products is a great move, and it would certainly attract a group of loyal customers to your brand. It earns a good name amongst your new and existing consumers, and it urges them to appreciate your brand publicly for introducing environmental-friendly products. As a result, it helps with building a brand loyalty with your customers in good faith, and they would certainly recommend their social circle to take a peek at your brand offerings.


In comparison to plastic straws, metal straws are relatively easier to customise, and you can have t customised in terms of its size, shape, logo and brand placement, and other factors. You can also customise the packaging/pouch for the metal straws for making it attractive to the recipients.


Metal straws make a flexible category of promotional merchandise that can benefit your business in several ways. If you own a café or a restaurant then, it would make the ultimate promotional product for you to escalate the popularity of your business.